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Due to amazing advancements in science and technology men have increasingly become dependent on machine and artificial ways of things. As a natural corollary, massive biological disorder of most of the human population has become a global phenomenon.
Some of the advanced medical researches have established a direct link between many modern day diseases and the excessive toxification of human body. It is like slow poisoning that damages the body beyond any cure. The dedicated studies in this field have confirmed the benefits of oral chelation therapy as an effective and efficient way of fighting out this slow assassin.
What is oral chelation?
In simple medical terminology, oral chelation is the name of the therapy that aims at cleansing your system off the toxic substances like harmful metals, minerals, or other chemical toxins and help to keep the toxin level in the body within its endurance level.
Researches in the areas of detoxification have proven the curing powers of oral chelation especially with regard to the cardiovascular ailments and some neurotic disorders. Like diet- control and exercise, oral chelation also is an excellent preventive therapy. Along with the consumption of plenty of filtered water daily, a systematic adherence to oral chelation regimen ensures a long and healthy life.
The need of oral chelation:
Due to the phenomenal increase in the use of industrial products we are constantly exposed to the heavy or toxic metals in the environment, which are consumed within the body through the air we breathe, through the food we eat, through the water we drink and even through the absorption by our skin. Heavy metal toxicity invites neurological and cardiovascular dysfunctions. They can also badly affect the enzymatic, hormonal, reproductive and urinary systems. They also cause impairment to the detoxification canals like liver, kidney, and colon. If taken regularly, the oral chelation helps to prevent these diseases.
How does oral chelation work?:
Some metals like, iron, zinc or calcium are naturally found within human body in a low concentration. These are the trace metals that are absolutely safe and even useful. But when they acquire a very high density, they are no longer beneficial for human body and become highly toxic. Not being metabolized by the body, they start getting accumulated upon the tissues. If this accumulation takes place at a faster rate than that of the natural detoxification process of the body, it brings permanent damage of the whole system.
Oral chelation means the consumption of some chelating agents through mouth. The Chelating agents are capable of forming chemical bonds by encircling the ions of the harmful metals. The oral chelation agents first form bonds with the toxin elements and then force them out from the body through urine and excreta. The oral chelation agents contain anti-oxidant properties and prevent the movements of the free radicals. Lactic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid and acetic acid are the commonest form of organic acids that can be found in the food and can be consumed as oral chelation agents.

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