Title: PMS! Or the migraines in my life?

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Why do women have more migraines than men? Explore women’s links between migraines and their PMS and their unconscious.

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Warning: First and foremost, if you are plagued with severe migraines or headaches, you should have a medical examination that will rule out any physiological reality you might have to deal with in order to heal. But, if you have migraines that appear to accompany your PMS or surround your menstrual cycles, I invite you to read on.

Diane spent a third of each month with migraines for which nobody in the medical world advised her to consult in therapy for. Synchronicity had it such that we met at a three-day workshop on art therapy. A very nice woman indeed. We had our meals together and learned about each other’s life and career. On the last day of our workshop, she claims she will probably have to cut it short for her monthly ordeal of migraines is showing its nose. A light throbbing has worked its way up her neck and this is how it normally starts. I can see pain in her eyes and face; I can imagine what an ordeal it must be to have that ghost show up every month. She literally becomes paralyzed for days and all her life is put on a stand still. She is 38 years young. She has 2 young children and a comprehensive husband who helps her as much as he can during those moments.

On the other side of the coin, these migraines have literally stopped her advancement on the work force; everybody knows about her absence from work and compensates for her. Pills help her a bit but they never lead her back to a normal life. The rest of the time she is fine and catches up with her routine. Who would want that life? Nor you or me! Not Diane either. For the last ten years, I have researched PMS and its links to our subconscious. You read well. We all have unknown and unconscious situations that we have far too long left aside, unattended, unlooked and misunderstood. We also have a myriad of limiting beliefs about anything and everything.

So it is about your many physical and emotional symptoms whether medicine calls it PMS or cancer. Did you know that 39% of the women I surveyed have similar symptoms if not every month, more often than they should? Ten years ago when I discovered my first link between PMS and the subconscious, I was totally flabbergasted about my own discovery and results. I kept researching PMS and its links to our subconscious, and migraines came up too often. I offered Diane to look at the possible links and the reasons why her body was reacting as such in her life. She happily consented. After an hour together, she realized how much she had just adopted a pattern that came from her own mother. As we were doing this introspection, she was amazed her pain had not become worse as it would have done in the past. “My mother used to have that same symptom month after month after month all her life. I can see how Mom also had developed a pattern of her own.”

I offered to Diane that we keep in touch and that I help her during the following months. Along the way in our conversation, she also discovered she was a savior with everybody around her. I told her that Mother Teresa had a perfect role cut out for her and she never burned out while alive. Diane, I discovered, has concerns and issues she allowed the world to put in front of her. Like so many women, she has been educated to care and had not granted herself the permission to set healthy limits. Most of us have to learn to say “NO!” at times. She reflected long and hard to realize she did not have to be SO GOOD! Because the one who ends up paying after all, IS HER. And at what price?

Every symptom has its own limiting belief. What is yours? Where does it come from? From whom have you copied it or believed you had no choice but go along with it? All these simple yet profound questions will help you finally connect to your own true self. You may find in the process that it becomes important you take some parts of your life in your own hands. I wish you great success and please let me know how you are doing.

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