Cellular Lifeline – Obtainable For Everybody

There have been many instances where cellular lifeline made the difference between recovery and death. In one case, an Encino woman was locked in her trunk after having been kidnapped on her way home from church. She managed to untie herself, get to her cell phone, and call for help. Consequently, she was rescued without being hurt with help from wireless lifeline billing.

This is only one case where having a mobile phone available during an emergency made the difference between life and death. It’s not an instance anyone could have planned for or even expected but is something that happens more often than we’d like to believe. Having a phone accessible in emergencies is especially important when it comes to elderly people and low-income families who often lack mobile devices to help them during times of crisis. This is all processed and allowed through the VoIP billing system.

Federal and state governments have come to realize the importance of communication for those who often are without or whose landline may be out of reach when most needed. As a result, they support a free cellular lifeline program that allows many people who do not have the financial means for these devices to fulfill this need. For the majority of participants handsets and minutes are free. Although the number of minutes allotted per month is small, in case of an emergency it is adequate to ensure help comes quickly.

Anyone contemplating using this program needs to check with their state to see if it is available in their particular situation. The program provides approximately 250 free minutes, access to 911, and unlimited 411 calls as well as the phone itself. Some have additional features such as caller ID, voice mail, and call waiting. There are exceptional cases where international calling is allowed and anyone can purchase additional pre-paid minutes.

As with any program of this kind, eligibility must be proven. This is done with things such as living in public housing, children on the free lunch program, free health care, and so forth. Senior citizens on limited means are also eligible.

According to news reports as well as federal agencies, there is an increasing number of lives that are saved each year due to access to a cell phone. Car accidents, in-home falls, medical emergencies while shopping, and many other events occur daily and require immediate assistance from a professional in the field. With a mobile phone, help is only a couple of buttons away.

Since free wireless programs cover a wide range of areas through national network providers, they work regardless of where a person is. This can be important especially if an emergency occurs when one is out of their immediate area. One of the most important things to remember is that maintaining social network relationships is important in life.

People who are on low incomes or budgets will benefit by exploring this option for cell phone communication. Rather than facing a contracted cell phone bill every month, this is one more way to save money that can be used for necessary things. Once the free phone is obtained it is very easy to add prepaid minutes if needed or desired. A wireless lifeline billing is no longer a luxury in society. It has become a necessity. This is especially true for those who are having difficult times with the current economic situation. This provides a needed safety net for those who are most in need of such protection through This is all processed and allowed through the VoIP billing system.


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