Points to Consider for Fall Arrest Lifeline

There are several forms of fall protection. For the safe stopping of a person who is already falling from construction work above an edifice, the form of fall protection is called fall arrest. Fall guarding, on the other hand, is overall protection to prevent a person from entering a hazard area. The last form is the fall restraint that prevents a person who is in a hazardous area from falling.

There are specific equipment and tool relating to these forms, which should comply with industry safety standards and the relevant rules and regulations as provided under the law. Fall protection is an integral part of construction work, whether commercial or residential.

Fall arrest can be categorized into two primary types: general and personal. Nets belong to the first type while lifelines belong to the second type. The personal fall arrest system is made up of a series of components that are designed to safely arrest a worker’s fall, preventing him from striking the next lowest level in the hazard area. This way any serious injury, as a result, can be averted. The central factor to an arrest fall system is a proper energy absorption capacity in the system which leverages safety and protection.

Working on the roofs without an efficient and properly working fall arrest system could be a dangerous activity for workers, builders, and maintenance people. Indeed, it is the responsibility of building owners to provide this system especially in those cases where it is primarily needed. It is a necessary expense in construction works and maintenance works as well.

A fall arrest lifeline is a safe way to provide safe access to roof areas for workers performing maintenance and repair works. It can’t be overemphasized that safety equipment and installation should always be in their proper working condition. These should be compliant with the guidelines and standards in that industry, as well as those provided under the law.

A work-related injury can be greatly be averted by using the proper fall protection and arrest equipment. Fall protection systems provide the worker with a safe alternative to working in dangerous conditions. Thus, it’s shouldn’t be a source of problem for an employer.


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