Learn Why Arc Flash is Extremely Dangerous

For workplace safety, companies have to take a lot of steps. There are lots of such industries where business can not be done without complying with the safety standards and that’s the reason why companies need to pay special attention to workplace safety.

Although different accidents can take place in the workplace but one of the most expensive for the company is none other than the arc flash. An arc flash, which is also called arc blast, is like an electrical explosion. It occurs due to the inability of electrified conductors to endure the applied voltage.

Dangers of arc flash:

Just like with all types of electrical explosions, arc flash can also create several problems. In fact, it would be wrong to suggest that it can be extremely hazardous for people working close to the location of arc flash. Actually, it is hazardous because the temperature of an arc can go up to 500F and more. In addition to heat, it produces a loud noise with the emission of hot gasses. It is due to all these factors and concentrated energy that death can be an outcome of an arc flash.

Although it can cause death several other problems can also be caused by an arc flash. For instance, hearing loss is caused by the loud explosion in arc flash. Moreover, pressure waves can damage brain function which can be extremely dangerous. Not to mention that flash can easily damage eyesight and the pressure waves can make metal tools and another equipment fly, resulting in serious injuries.

An important consideration:

Now, you must have gathered the idea of why special care is to be taken if workers have to work near exposed energized equipment. Apart from taking special care, it is also essential to provide training to those workers who have to work near hazardous equipment. That’s exactly the point when a training company should be consulted with. Most of these companies provide information about proper practices and procedures, electrical hazards, PPE use and care, and more.

It is worth mentioning that along with providing training these companies can also help in making your workplace safer. They achieve this task by adding warning labels on equipment and providing you with flame-resistant clothing. In addition to this, they consider every safety aspect and make your people understand the right way of working in a hazardous environment.

So, you can see that arc flash can really create a lot of problems. It is dangerous for your employees and that is the reason why you must consult with a company to guide you and your workers in the right way. Always keep in mind that only education and proper training can save your money and the lives of your workers.

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