Info About Cellular Lifeline Billing Tools

An individual never knows when an emergency may occur. Governmental agencies now offer free cell phone programs to seniors and low-income families so they may be protected in the event of a crisis. This program is called a lifeline but understanding wireless billing systems can be a little perplexing. This is not only because people are not used to receiving things without being charged but also because prepaid minutes can be added as needed.

Many of the national networks offer discounts to those who are 65 and older. However, these don’t always fit into a fixed income. Today’s State and Federal agencies are offering free programs with limited minutes to ensure that those with the greatest needs have the support required when needed most. It’s important to remember that this program is available to seniors as well as low-income families and can be invaluable in an emergency with VoIP billing software.

These sponsored programs have no contract and the free minutes are available in a set amount each month. The minutes cannot be ‘rolled over. In other words, what is not used one month cannot be added to the numbers available the next month? If additional minutes are desired they can be purchased. The basis of this program is to be sure that everyone falling into this category has some means of reaching help should the need arise.

An important thing to remember is that these programs do not have age requirements. Periodically, young emancipated minors or those who have suffered a disability at a young age can also qualify. This can be an important factor when looking at options or mobile phone services. Some factors must be met, however, to qualify for the free program. These would include things like a low-income status, assignment to public housing, emergency needs, and other factors that those who are 65 and older generally meet.

For the minutes that are included in the program, additional benefits are also provided. These include things like voice mail, unlimited 911 access, caller ID, free 411 calls, and many more features. International calling at no additional charge is also sometimes included depending on the state in which the program originated. Since these programs work through major network service providers, they work regardless of where a person is.

These programs are evaluated periodically to ensure participants continue to meet the minimum requirements. This is because life changes can affect income status and needs. This is less of an issue for those who are over 65 and are on a fixed income. Younger members, however, may be reviewed more frequently. The basis for these reviews is to ensure that those with the most need have access to communication devices when they need them the most.

Mobile phones have come in handy in many emergencies. Not only with car accidents but also with accidents that occur at home and are more frequent for the elderly they can serve as a lifeline to professionals whose job it is to save lives. In actuality, senior citizens are hurt more often in home accidents than in any other situation.

There are countless times when having an emergency phone on hand is invaluable. An accident in an automobile, at home, someone having a heart attack, just to name a few, are some circumstances where a mobile phone would be a great asset especially with the use of VoIP billing software. Mobile phones are what keeps people connected to the outside world and are a part of today’s society necessities and they should not be confused by cellular lifeline billing.


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