God Is Our Lifeline, Our Anchor

Life is filled with many uncertainties.

Will the ties binding my marriage and relationships be strong enough to withstand pressure from all sides?

Will I overcome this illness by breaking down my body?

Will I still get a salary by the end of this month or next month?

Will I ever be able to settle my debts?

What crisis will the world have to face next?

You can add your uncertainties to the list.

I deal with one email before I sit down for my devotional. Linda (not her real name) finds herself in a mess too:
You see, earlier today I was lying in my hospital bed – ill, weak, vulnerable, and emotional.

As I lay there, I thought about how I lost my faith. And I thought about God and whether He really existed. And if He did – why all the pain and hurt?

You see, Gerjo, everybody is fighting their own demons, and everybody is trying to cope 

What can one hold onto? What can help us survive life? Money? It can run out. People? They can often be very stupid too. Fame? It’s very lonely at the top, you can ask the celebrities.

There is only one answer to all our questions and that is God. God is the only stability in one’s life. The rest is simply noise. 19It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God…

Read this verse again. Know it by heart. Say it to yourself again and again. God is our only lifeline, our only anchor. Only Him. The rest is noise.

Barnes (e-Sword) summarises it very well:
Hope accomplishes for the soul the same thing which an anchor does for a ship. It makes it fast and secure. An anchor preserves a ship when the waves beat and the wind blows, and as long as the anchor holds, so long the ship is safe, and the mariner apprehends no danger.

So with the soul of the Christian. In the tempests and trials of life, his mind is calm as long as his hope of heaven is firm. If that gives way, he feels that all is lost.

When we are anchored to God, the storms won’t matter, won’t push us off course, because God is stronger than any storm.

Hebrews 6:18-20

What do your storms look like?
What does your God look like?
Are you anchored to God?

Father, thank you for being our anchor. You are bigger than any storm. I hold onto You with everything in me. Without You, I’m like a ship drifting without an anchor. Amen.


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