Best Practice for Choosing Arthritis Medicine

If you suffer from arthritis, choosing the best arthritis medicine is a high priority. While there are literally hundreds of treatment options today, not all are created equal. The first step in picking your treatment or medicine is consulting with a physician. The medication you choose needs to be specifically designed for your type of arthritis. You also want to choose a medication that has few side effects. You may need to consider a variety of treatment options combined for effective relief. Consider the following things when you are choosing which treatment option is best.

Look For Pain Relieving Options

Many products claim to eliminate the swelling and inflammation in your joints. However, not all medications relieve pain. You will also want a medication that relieves pain for a long period of time. Some medications wear out long before it is time to take the next dose. This can place limits on your daily activities as you wait for the next dose.

Consider Side Effects and Risks

Some arthritis medications have severe side effects and risks. In the early stages of the disease, you won’t want to risk heart problems or kidney damage to find relief. If you are not experiencing a great deal of pain, you might want to try other options. The best arthritis medicine will provide results that outweigh the risks. For example, if you are suffering from chronic pain the risk of developing a rash will probably be menial.

Lifestyle Should Have an Impact on Your Choice

The best arthritis medicine for a retired grandmother may not be the best for a 30 year old working man. Some medications can have side effects that make you sleepy, while others can make you more alert. Someone who works third shift probably won’t like a medicine that makes you alert first thing in the morning. On the other hand, taking a pain medicine that makes you sleepy while you’re at work may not work either. Some people do not like to take medications all day long either. If you are one of these people you won’t want a medicine that is taken every two hours.

Cost Should Also Be a Consideration

When choosing the best arthritis medicine, you should check out your insurance options. Some insurance plans will not cover experimental or brand new medicines. They also may not cover medicines that are over the counter. Some arthritis medications can cost hundreds of dollars for one bottle. If you will be taking the medication on a regular basis, insurance coverage is a must. Check to see if you can get the prescriptions cheaper by ordering in large quantities through the mail. Many insurance companies have this service available if your physician will write the prescription for at least a three month supply.

As you can see, choosing the best arthritis medicine really comes down to your individual situation. There are many things to consider. However, the number one thing is to make sure the medication works. If you take the prescription for a few weeks and you see no relief, call your doctor. There is no point in taking risks or spending money if you don’t get relief.

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