A Medical Alert System Is A Lifeline For The Elderly Generation

One of the most well-known medical alert systems available today is “Lifeline.” If you have elderly parents and are the sole caregiver, regardless of whether you live close by or far away, Lifeline offers you peace of mind and allows you to take care of your needs and that of your family.

Statistics assert that more than 60% of seniors are more likely to fall inside their homes while over 30% may fall outside. In fact, further studies suggest that seniors over the age of 65 suffer hip fractures more often than not.

As children of elderly parents, sometimes it is difficult to keep abreast of their daily routine while all the time worrying that something has happened if telephone calls are unanswered. Lifeline medical alert system offers several measures that can alleviate most of the worry for both parents and caregivers.

You may have seen one of more medical alert systems on TV wherein they show a pendant that can be worn by a senior citizen to be used in the event they fall, or who suffers from a serious illness and cannot get to a telephone to call for help. By simply pressing the button on the pendant, they are immediately connected to the company that will dispatch an emergency service, contacts a loved one, as well as a neighbor.

A medical alert system may also offer a communicator which is attached to the telephone and can be utilized on a 24 hours basis. Several of these communicators can be placed in the bathroom, where most falls occur, and other areas in the home as well. It enables a senior in distress to push a button on the communicator wherein a representative from Lifeline will be able to communicate with the individual. In fact, it works in conjunction with the pendant also.

Today, with so many seniors living alone, the risk of falling is on the rise. This places great stress on their children, especially those who do not live within proximity to their parents. As children of elderly parents, we go about our daily routines but are ever mindful that something could happen. Having a medical alert system in place relieves much of the anxiety many children of elderly parents experience daily.

More importantly, however, a medical alert system utilized by seniors living alone offers them the freedom to go about their daily routine. It relieves their anxiety and provides a connection to someone who they know will be there for them in case of an emergency.

Our parents took care of us from birth to adulthood; it seems only fitting that we take care of them in their senior years by ensuring they join a medical alert system service.

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