3 Tips For Free Lifeline Cell Phone Service

Tip #1 For Free Lifeline Cell Phone Service…

Choose from the top three or four main service providers ONLY. Smaller service providers sometimes have great minute plans, but they are known to go out of business or cease service in some states after a few years. If this happens you will be stuck with a phone that no longer works and will be cheated out of your “free” minutes.

Tip #2 For Free Lifeline Cell Phone Service…

Google the word “complaints” along with the name of the major free lifeline service providers you’re interested in. I never said that the bigger companies were perfect. There are precautions to take with them as well. As of this writing, the biggest free government phone provider in America is under investigation with the FCC! And this is not their first time. A few short years ago this company was fined millions of dollars for breaking multiple rules set in place by the government for the customer’s protection. Actually several of these providers were fined handsomely and risked being banned from the free lifeline service program forever. Because of their indiscretions, it has become tougher to get a free cell phone. Point: Avoid big providers with a history of complaints, fines, and overall bad business practices.

Tip #3 For Free Lifeline Cell phone Service…

Locate the simplest hassle-free process you can find. Even if you are fortunate enough to find a provider’s tent in your area, you can still run into some very annoying issues. For instance, I’ve heard complaints that one of the biggest providers does not accept food stamp benefit cards in certain states and requires additional documentation if you are on food stamps. This is a major problem because 90% of all people in these select states use their food stamp card to obtain their free government phone and do not usually carry around the extra documents. This means that this company is foolishly missing out on 90% of its customers that reside in these areas! Crazy! The main player in the industry promises to mail you a phone after reviewing physical copies of your personal documents on-site. If you are lucky enough to actually receive the phone, pray that you never lose it or that it never stops working. Their customer service is close to impossible to contact.

To avoid the above pitfalls, pick a provider with great customer service, a clean business record, and has a service that is easy to get once you locate their business. All of this can be researched online. Also, ask others what the experience has been like with the free lifeline cell phone provider they’re with. Online reviews can be very biased, so go with your gut feeling when assessing what you have read.

I bet you’re wondering how to find a provider now that you are an informed “shopper”.

You can ask a friend with a government phone where he/she got the phone from; you can drive to places in your area that a provider’s tent is likely to be, like by a busy four-way intersection, outside of Public Aid and Unemployment offices, strip malls, big chain grocery stores, bus stops, empty lots on busy streets, at food pantries, currency exchanges, major fast-food chains, and busy bus terminals.

You can also call the free lifeline cellphone service provider of your choice and just ask where you can find an agent in your community.

If you would love to spend your time more wisely and apply for free lifeline cellphone service from the safety and comfort of your home, there is a small selection of websites that provide just the experience you are looking for. A link to a great one can be found in the information section below. This information should narrow the field substantially and help you in your search. Choose wisely… and happy talking!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! I hope that IT HELPED YOU. Finding a company that is big enough to be around for a while, yet not too big to provide GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, can be difficult. Let us help. If you WANT TO APPLY for a free government cell phone using a QUICK and EASY process, we are here FOR YOU. Just click on this link to APPLY NOW! You’ll GET YOUR PHONE in no time!


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